Tavis Jewett-Hill

Jewett Hill Photography


Tell us a little bit about your business and why you chose to start it.
Jewett Hill Photography is a wedding and commercial photography studio that focuses primarily on capturing the authenticity and meaningful expressions for our clients in artful and interesting ways.

Our business started with the birth of our first daughter. It became apparent that the camera we were using, the technique (or lack thereof) was lacking, and a serious deep-dive into the science and art of photography was necessary to document our children's lives. 

As our skills improved, as our experience mounted, more and more people told us we needed to enter into the professional photography world. And truly, the rest is history! 
What excites you about working at Cornerstone Studios?
Networking with fellow wedding professionals.

What is your go-to dining spot in the Twin Cities?
Cocina Del Barrio

What outdoor activities do you love to do in Minnesota?
Anything with my kids!

What is your dream travel destination?
Great Barrier reef. I love diving.