Does this sound familiar?

Raise your hand if you are…

Untitled design.png

feeling isolated and unproductive when you try to work from home

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tirelessly searching for an intimate space you can confidently host events in

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struggling to find open outlets and fast wifi speeds at nearby coffee shops

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quickly outgrowing your home office space or wanting a separate workspace

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Not working in an ideal creative environment for your business projects

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tired of meeting new clients in noisy coffee shops and restaurants


Now envision yourself in a calm and creative workspace that you can call home.


An inviting space with modern amenities that honors its history. A private and secure workspace with ample parking, seating, outlets, and natural light. A place where the coffee is strong, but the wifi connection is stronger.

A multi-use space where you can find a quiet corner for focused work or join in a conversation at our community table.

A niche coworking space that will introduce you to other bright minds in the wedding industry and help you build impactful vendor relationships as you grow your brand.

This is what you’ll experience when you join our community at Cornerstone Studios.


Cornerstone Studios offers a distinctive, memorable experience for creative professionals and their clients by providing unique spaces for both coworking and intimate events.
— Jody Winter, Founder

Membership levels



-Access to the space from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday OR access at any time on Saturdays and Sundays

-Specialty spaces are available to rent for $25/hr as needed


$495/ month

-24x7 unlimited access to the coworking space, including holidays and unstaffed hours.

-Unlimited space rental based on current bookings in member calendar.



-24x7 unlimited access to the coworking space, including holidays and unstaffed hours.

-2 hours of specialty space rental included monthly (additional time at $25/hr)