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We are a flexible, approachable coworking space that works for you, with you, and alongside you, helping you achieve any goal or dream you’re chasing after.

Backed by a tight-knit community of fellow creative entrepreneurs who support each other with encouragement, business advice, and referral opportunities, you’ll never have to grow your business alone.

We invite you to explore our membership packages and see if our space is your perfect-fit solution!

our affordable memberships




  • Access to the space from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday OR any time on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Specialty spaces are available to rent for $25/hr as needed.

Perfect for creative entrepreneurs and wedding professionals who want to increase their productivity by working in a space that provides a creative environment that is better suited for their work.



  • 24x7 unlimited access to the coworking space, including holidays and unstaffed hours.

  • 2 hours of specialty space rental included per month. (additional rental time at $25/hr)

Perfect for established local business owners who are focused on intentionally expanding their business and know they need more access to the space to accommodate their busy schedule and exciting plans.




  • 24x7 unlimited access to the coworking space, including holidays and unstaffed hours

  • unlimited specialty space rental based on space availability in member calendar.

Perfect for well-established wedding entrepreneurs who are scaling their business and need a flexible space to work from, hold private meetings in, and host workshops or other regular events.


Included in every membership:

AV equipment

Local management staff

business mailbox services

branded displays of your work

marketing opportunities

stereo system with spotify

discounted business classes

refreshments for you and your guests (coffee, tea, soda)

printing services

fast wifi

secured entry 24x7

networking events (public and members only)