Lena Lakoma

Lena Lakoma Photography


Tell us a little bit about your business and why you chose to start it.
As a photographer and a photo art director who spent years in the fashion industry, from NYC to Europe, I bring an editorial and documentary lens to my wedding, portrait and commercial assignments. Born and raised in Poland where we like to question everything, I understand which rules to break and how to improvise when needed. A strategic planner and an involved partner who listens to develop cool ideas, I help with every stage of the project, from styling to location to timing and budget; but when the right time comes, I just let the magic happen.

After getting my M.A. in Photography at NYU, I was lucky enough to continue learning from some of the greatest fashion shooters in the city which forever shaped my work. I shoot with a modern, fresh and organic style that pushes the boundaries of the timeless and romantic. I mix photojournalism with fun and go beyond the traditional to create images that are intimate and personal. Each project is handled with just the right mix of sugar and spice. And each photo session is an experience where glamour feels comfortable, tradition and change mingle and high-end meets fun.

What excites you about working at Cornerstone Studios?
The like-minded people, the energizing vibe, beauty all around and the killer coffee! 

What is your go-to dining spot in the Twin Cities?
For dining or wining, I feel happy at small, loungy places, so always drawn to Aster and Volstead Emporium. 

What outdoor activities do you love to do in Minnesota?
Swim, bike, hike in the bitter crispy cold of the Boundary Waters, swim, swim, swim.

What is your dream travel destination?
Next stop - Bolivia!