An in-depth look at 2220 central

its rich history has become our most treasured story

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Cornerstone Studios history

as told by Founder Jody Winter



Originally a small grocery store called Johnson Grocery, this Red and White Chain store played an influential role in the Minneapolis business district. In the early 1900s, it offered wholesale pricing to local buyers so they were able to operate as a small grocer while competing with larger grocery chains on price.

Cornerstone Studios was renovated and reimagined over 110 years later to continue that history in a refreshed way. By offering a niche coworking option for wedding and event professionals, our members are able to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful workspace at an affordable price point.

first tour of the space

January 2018


Waiting anxiously for a spot in yet another cozy (but crowded) coffeeshop, I found myself dreaming once more about starting a creative-focused coworking space. I had already put the dream in motion by touring spaces in Minneapolis, but was discouraged when deal after deal fell through. I randomly happened upon the listing for 2220 Central Avenue NE, and decided to give it one last chance. I toured the space the next day, and knew this space was different.

During the tour, I immediately noticed the tall 12 ft ceilings with nearly floor-to-ceiling windows lining the historic storefront. Underneath the drywall and worn carpet from a previous renovation were original wood floors and brick walls just waiting to be brought back to life. I felt the energy of what the space could be from the moment I entered the door, and I knew I had found our home. I committed to the space the same day, knowing that I had found an extraordinary family-owned space with a team that believed in our mission.

Southside grand opening

October 2018

Surrounded by the excited chatter and hearty laughter over 200 guests, we unveiled the Southside space to the public for the very first time at our grand opening. At this time, 90% of the renovations were complete on the Southside, but we jumped into another renovation project after leasing the studio next door, soon to be the Northside Space.

renovation of southside

June to August 2018

After hiring our design team at Gomez Whitney (Jonathan Gomez Whitney also designed the Spyhouse coffeeshop in NE where I was inspired), Jonathan and I envisioned what we wanted the space to look and feel like. We then got to work on renovating the Southside for the next three months to gear up for our opening on August 1st, 2018.

Northside completed

April 1st, 2019

After our second renovation project was completed, we were able to open Northside to Cornerstone Studios members and rent its specialty spaces to the public. It’s been surreal to see how the two spaces have come together each offering a collaborative workspace for creatives and entrepreneurs in the wedding and event industries.

Renovation of Northside

January to april 2019

When the Northside space first came available in July 2018, I had to make a decision to expand Cornerstone Studios before we had even unveiled Southside. It was a risk to lease the space after putting much of my savings into Southside, but I could see I being a welcomed respite space from the bustling conversations of Southside. Working again with Jonathan, we restored the Northside back to the original 12 ft tin ceilings and wood floors. Kept light and bright, it is a perfect space to create.





Proudly located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, Mn

2220 Central Avenue NE

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