Tucked in the heart of the minneapolis business district, cornerstone studios is a niche coworking space for creative entrepreneurs in the wedding and event industry.



Cornerstone Studios opened in August 2018 as a way for small, independent wedding professionals to access affordable office and coworking spaces that were intentionally designed with their needs in mind.

With flexible workstations and event-ready spaces, Cornerstone Studios is an inviting place where you can come as you are and work on projects you love. You’ll have the space and freedom to unleash your creativity, explore new opportunities, and create purposeful work for your clients.

Cornerstone Studios’s interior, designed by the award-winning Jonathan Gomez-Whitney, reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding Minneapolis area while also paying tribute to the 1905 building’s storied past. The multi-level storefront building offers many different areas to bring guests or clients, and custom workstations for wedding professionals of all types.


about the founder

As a hair and makeup artist looking to strategically grow my own wedding business, I grew tired of not being able to control the creative environment my clients were walking into. Crowded coffee shops and other coworking spaces didn’t give us the privacy and space to work seamlessly together.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I could be creating a better client experience. The more I talked with other local wedding professionals, the more they mirrored my enthusiasm for building a niche coworking space. That’s when I knew it was time to take action on this dream-in-the-making.

After touring 2220 Central Avenue in January 2018, I immediately committed to the space and began dreaming up what the reimagined space could look and feel like. After a major renovation, we excitedly opened our doors on August 1st, 2018; followed shortly after by the leasing and renovation of the next door space which opened April 1st, 2019. Learn more about the history of our space.

Cornerstone Studios continues the 1905 building’s impactful history by offering affordable coworking opportunities for members in the Minneapolis-St. Paul neighboring areas. Become a member today!

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